125 lbs: Featherweight
0 amateur
Hello there! I have been boxing since my high school days. I never had the chance to go to a boxing gym, but don't be fooled. With my huge passion for the sport, I trained at home regularly and even spar with my siblings. I am stronger than I look and guarantee that every second of sparring will be fun! Do note that I am not a professional, and that my technique and execution is not perfect. I am only available for light (no power) sparring, as I believe that teaches better technique and ensures safety for both partners. I really prefer someone within my weight-class and height, but if the conditions are right, I can make adjustments. If you live too far from my place, it makes it harder for me to spar. One more thing is that I don't spar outside in direct sunlight since its distracting and I have a weakness against it.