over 201 lbs: Super Heavyweight
0 amateur

-Weight 240 lbs but faster than you think for my stature and weight
-More Orthodox but do switch from time to time during fights
- Stance Guard mix of Conventional and half guard chin level, or hands down to chest level
-My Fighting style defense is a mixed either staying with one or switching to George foreman's -Cross-Armed, Gene Fullmer reverse arm cross guard, Roy Jones hands half way down sometimes.
-Pure Counter puncher but will box any style, flashy, Mexican style, switch fighter, southpaw, Brawler, Out-boxer, Swarmer to copy your opponent of course to the best of my abilities but will do my best.

Your sparing partner is here, to make you and myself a better fighter finding each other's flaws and improving them, Improve one's ability's, find your style test and try new style technique, defense's, punches to add in your tool box, to the best of my abilities I can work with any fighting art and style, karate, taekwondo, MMA, judo, BJJ, any art, Any stand up style pressure fighter, Out-boxer, Boxer-puncher slugger, flashy, out of the box, unique styles, traditional, awkward styles, any style, I can box Orthodox boxing stance and Southpaw boxing stance, can work with any level of experience, can work with any weight class, any age 18 up, any gender, light sparring, hard sparring, Willing to and try to mimic your opponents fighting style to the best of my abilities please show or provide footage, if you want to spar for media purposes I don't mind being a punching bag & making you look good for media and don't mind you talking smack either, no matter what weight class your in or gender you are, let's improve each others fighting abilities to greater heights, let's become a better fighter then we were before, looking forward to sparring, try me out.
This is a serious post. NO BS