165 lbs: Middleweight
10 amateur
Will train if asked but am initially looking for sparring partners. I have never lost a fight and at worst a draw. I represent Haganah Fight program by Mike Lee Kanarak (I learned off YouTube and through the DVDs and obviously subsequent fights and through all the bs I have never lost once..it's ingrained in my nerves). From having a 1911 to my neck to flying through tables and novaeing peoples world in response trust me I don't lie. I am the truth and will ensure you learn something out of any match or lesson with me. You are free to grille me but if I substitute names n dates it's only because I like being free but you'll know I speak the truth. And will come away a much better fighter. I promise that. For example Haganah Fight id krav without the bs. It's actual a combination of Krav, Lotar & Kapap (spec ops), Hisardut (the full Israeli martial art), and MMA (the grappling parts). The thing with bjj is it's like chess..it's endless and so are the teaching styles. We employ superset instinctual fighting. Again has never failed me no matter the situation. I'd be honored to spar with you.