165 lbs: Middleweight
20 amateur
Rate? I dont want ANY money but to help you and you help me further our boxing skills.I just want to spar? I can go hard or light. I know how to snap my punches and control them. I usually go 70%-50%, you don't learn nothing going fast and hard. If your pro give me a chance, i just might get you lol. I am in condition, be ready for that. have my own gym that I made out of a storage unit. Smaller floor boxing ring 10' x 12' with two heavy bags, 2 double end bags and a slip bag set up in the ring. I have a pro speed bag platform set-up. I have all the gear you need to spar but a mouth piece...so if your in the Saint Louis MO area or across the river (Illinois) ding, ding...come get sum.