178 lbs: Light Heavyweight
3 amateur
I am an Aussie dude who is going to be travelling around US next year around June (2020). Looking for some chill bros to meet up and spar with. Not looking for gym fees, just a private location for a workout. I am not a bruiser, and get mostly into lighter sparring with plenty of rounds, with headgear and no injuries. I have done 3 amateur fights in the past, but found that sparring one on one with a buddy is more my scene.
I have skype, whatsapp and line, so if anyone wants to try and set something up, and chat to see if we are on the same page then hit me up.
If you are still reading and are interested my email is below.
My email is hookandloop80@yahoo.com. We can exchange skype and whatsapp/ line via email.
*Obviously I don't live in Atlanta, but it's an airport I have flown into many times in the past*